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Xiphera Ltd

Xiphera, Ltd, is a Finnish company designing hardware-based security solutions using standardised cryptographic algorithms. Our strong cryptographic expertise, extensive experience in system design, and deep knowledge on reprogrammable logic enable us to protect our customers’ critical information and assets.

Xiphera's product portfolio consists of secure and efficient cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores, designed directly for FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). Our widely applicable solutions for various end markets offer our customers peace of mind in a dangerous world.

Spacechips UK

Spacechips builds and sells a range of advanced, VHF to K-band, re-configurable, multi-band, ultra high-throughput transponders, SDRs, Edge-based OBCs and TB-capacity, mass-memory units for telecommunication, Earth-Observation, SIGINT, navigation, 5G, internet and M2M/IoT satellites.

Spacechips also offers Space-Electronics Design-Consultancy, Avionics Testing, Technical-Marketing, Business-Intelligence and Training Services, won Start-Up Company of 2017 and High-Reliability Product of 2016, 17 and 18.

Spacechips’ Design-Consultancy Department develops bespoke hardware and software solutions for manufactures of satellite and spacecraft, as well as advising clients on component selection, how to design, test, assemble and manufacture space electronics. The company also offers peer-review, circuit and reliability analyses, FPGA scrubbers and FPGA evaluation services. Spacechips is a renowned expert in optimising high-speed, mixed-signal and power electronics for performance, power consumption, cost and size, and has successfully delivered over 200 orders to 70 companies in 25 countries across 19 time zones.